LIN-SEAL WHITE | Bierschbach

Manufacturer W.R.Meadows


LIN-SEAL WHITE curing and anti-spalling compound is a true water-based, white-pigmented, high solids emulsion of boiled linseed oil. When properly applied, it provides a nearly impermeable seal that optimizes water retention. The white pigments reflect the heat-producing rays of the sun to keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup.
LIN-SEAL WHITE curing and anti-spalling compound is a true water-based product. LIN-SEAL WHITE meets maximum VOC content limits of 350 g/L for Concrete Curing Compounds as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule.

LIN-SEAL WHITE curing and anti-spalling compound is ideal for preventing the spalling and scaling of concrete surfaces. Use on bridge decks, parking garage decks, ramps and/or any concrete surface exposed to water, de-icing salts or other deleterious materials. The product increases the durability of concrete to prolong its service life.

ASTM C 309, Type 2, Class A & B*
AASHTO M 148, Type 2, Class A & B*
Numerous state DOT specifications
*With exemption for drying time.

Color: White Liquid
Solids, wt. %: 52.0
Weight per Gal., lb./gal: 8.5
Flash Point, u00b0F (C): >212 (100)

When properly applied, provides a nearly impermeable film which optimizes water retention.
Protects by reflecting the sunu0092s rays to keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup, which can cause thermal cracking.
Furnished as a ready-to-use, true water-based compound.
Produces hard, dense concrete u0085 minimizes hair-checking, thermal cracking, dusting and other defects.
Prevents scaling and spalling.
Offers a compressive strength significantly greater then improperly or uncured concrete.
Increases tensile strength for greater resistance to cracking and surface crazing.
Improves abrasion resistance and minimizes corrosive action of salts and chemicals u0085 minimizes shrinkage.
Applies quickly and easily with conventional commercial spray equipment.
VOC-compliant u0085 VOC content is <50 g/L.

5 Gallon (18.93 Liter) Pails
55 Gallon (208.20 Liter) Drums

Preparationu0085Application equipment must be clean and free of any previously used products/liquids.
Mixing u0085 Any settling or separation in the container must be re-dispersed with gentle agitation prior to use. CAUTION: DO NOT MIX EXCESSIVELY.
Application Method u0085 Spray on in one even coat with hand or power spray equipment as soon as surface water disappears from the horizontal concrete surface. On vertical surfaces, spray on promptly after the forms are removed. Use of a Chapin 1949 sprayer with a 5797 spray nozzle (or equivalent) is recommended. A 5797 nozzle will produce a desired flow of 1/2 gallon (1.89 L) per minute under 40 psi (.276 MPa) of pressure.
Proper application is the responsibility of the user. Field visits by W. R. MEADOWS personnel or their representatives are for the purpose of making technical recommendations only and are not to supervise or provide quality control on the jobsite.
Coverage u0085 Approximately 200 ft.u00b2/gal. (4.91 mu00b2/L). Coverage may vary due to porosity and condition of the concrete.
Cleanup u0085 Prior to drying, application equipment can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. Once dried, use mineral spirits or other suitable solvent.

NOTE: Materials soaked with linseed oil (rags, absorbents, etc.) may spontaneously catch on fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, all materials coming in contact with this product should be placed in a water-filled container. This container should then be covered and sealed closed.

KEEP FROM FREEZING. Do not apply when the temperature of the concrete is less than 40u00ba F (4u00ba C). DO NOT MIX OR DILUTE WITH ANY OTHER LIQUIDS OR PRODUCTS. Do not use on surfaces that are later to be painted, tiled, hardened, sealed or treated in any manner. Do not use on patios, sidewalks or other areas where there is no wheel traffic to abrade the white film surface. Not recommended for use on residential driveways.