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Concrete Forms

Concrete Forms

Bierschbach Equipment & Supply has been a partner with Symons for over 35 years. Each of our 5 locations stocks Symons Steel-ply for sale or rental. We also have a large fleet of Symons Sym-Ply gang forms available for rental.

Symons Steel-Ply is the original hand set, pre-engineered, re-useable forming system. It is composed of a steel frame and plywood face which is where its name is derived. Steel-ply comes in 2’ wide panels and is available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ panels heights. With filler sizes from 1” to 22”, Steel-ply has the ability to cover a wide variety of applications.

The Sym-Ply advantage:
Symons’ Sym-ply gang forms are a modular clamp forming system that consists of 3’ wide panels in 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights and boasts a 1500 psf pour pressure rating. These panel sizes are light enough for manpower to assemble gangs. Symons also built their gang form system with the ability to hook directly to Symons Steel-Ply. This allows for easy transition from gang forms to Steel-Ply in areas that are more conducive to hand set forming. Sym-Ply utilizes a 15mm taper tie that is easy to handle and is reusable. Sym-clamps are used to clamp the panels together with ease. Gang forming provides labor savings on larger projects, where forms can be moved in larger sections or “gangs” to minimizes tearing down and resetting every pour.

Symons Form Cleaning Machine: We have a form cleaning machine available for rent as well to help keep your forms clean and ready for the next job.

Our experienced staff can recommend the best solution for your project.

CAD Forming Layout Service

Bierschbach Equipment & Supply provides CAD layout drawings with all forming projects. These drawings provide detailed plans, sections and elevations that map out how to utilize the system that is provided.