Track Loaders - RT Series NXT3 | Bierschbach

Manufacturer Mustang

Model Number 1750RT NXT3, 2100RT NXT3 & 2500RT NXT3

Rental Yes


The all-new 1750RT NXT3, 2100RT NXT3 2500RT NXT3track loaders from Mustang raise the bar with proven efficiency and performance. These track loaders provide patented, industry-exclusive features sure to blaze a new trail in the track loader market.

Automatic Track Tensioning - The IdealTraxu2122 Automatic Track Tensioning System is an industry exclusive system that ensures proper track tensioning upon engine start up and operation, saving the required 10-15 minute track re-tensioning recommended every 50 hours.

By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 percent. This system saves the owner substantial maintenance and track replacement costs over the life of the machine.

Diesel Engine Strength - Tier IV-certified Yanmar diesel engines provide 69.9 hp on the 1750RT NXT3 and 72 hp on the 2100RT NXT3. A Deutz Tier IV engine producing 74.3HP powers the 2500RT NXT3.

Productive Performance - These machines pack the punch when it comes to efficiently transferring its power to tractive effort.

Spacious Cab Interior - Ergonomic, adjustable operator's station provides industry leading comfort and safety.

Fold-Up Door - This patented new design provides cab-to-canopy versatility by allowing the machine to run with the door open or closed, all while maintaining low clearance and a level II FOPS certification.