Cut-Off Saw K960 Chain | Bierschbach

Manufacturer Husqvarna

Model Number K960 Chain

Rental Yes

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With the new Husqvarna K960 Chain, Husqvarna's saw range gains a versatile and efficient machine that can solve new cutting problems in a variety of applications.

The Husqvarna K960 Chain is a petrol-powered saw with a diamond chain.

The K960 Chain is based on the popular K960 Active, and it features all the technical and ergonomic benefits of that machine.

With a concrete chain saw you can cut better in tight spots, you get better control while avoiding gyro forces, you can cut sharp corners without over-cutting and you can make up to 15" (375 mm) cuts from one side. This makes the concrete plunge saw a perfect complementary cutter where the first cut is made with a conventional cutter with a blade.