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MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) is a single-component, polymer-modified, cold-applied, liquid waterproofing membrane ideal for below-grade vertical seamless waterproofing applications. MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) is formulated with the same high quality rubber polymers found in MEADOWS successful MEL-ROL peel and stick membrane, converting them into a heavy-bodied, high solids, quick drying liquid membrane. The liquid-membrane technology allows faster installation times using either a spray or roller application.

MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) can be used on new and remedial waterproofing applications on both concrete and masonry block substrates.

Waterproof/Very low vapor permeability (perm rating).
All weather application/Can be applied down to 10 degrees F

Superior elongation/Bridges minor cracks and will not become brittle with age.
Excellent adhesion and bond/Water will not run beneath the membrane.
Single component/Eliminates two-component mixing problems.
Easy to apply/Apply with roller or airless sprayer.
Low cost application equipment. (See recommended spraying equipment section.)
No heating/Eliminates fire hazards associated with heating kettles.
Low VOC/Content is <400 g/L.

May help contribute to LEED credits:
EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance
EQ Credit 3.1: Construction IAQ Management Plan: During Construction
MR Credit 5.1: Regional Materials: 10% Extracted, Processed Manufactured Regionally
MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials: 20% Extracted, Processed Manufactured Regionally

5 gallon (18.93 liter) Pails
55 gallon (208.20 liter) Drums*
*Special order only

Surface Preparation - All surfaces must be clean (free of all coatings and curing compounds), free of frost, relatively smooth, and structurally sound. Patch any bug holes, tie holes, large gaps, or cracks with MEADOW-PATCH 5 or MEADOW-PATCH 20 from W. R. MEADOWS. All loose laitance, such as dirt, dust, loose stones, debris, etc., must be swept or blown clean from the substrate.
NOTE: Do not apply to green (fresh) concrete. Concrete must be cured a minimum of 14 days prior to application. Do not use with insulated concrete forms (ICFs). Polystyrene insulation boards may be used only after membrane has thoroughly cured a minimum of 72 hours, and there is no danger of residual solvent degrading the boards.
All shrinkage cracks less than 1/16? (0.16 cm) should be pretreated with a 60 mil (1.52 mm) wet coat of MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) at 6? (15.24 cm) wide. All cracks greater then 1/16? (0.16 cm) should be pretreated with DETAIL STRIP from W. R. MEADOWS prior to application of the membrane.

To reduce blistering on concrete surfaces, a thin coat of MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) may be required. Using a roller or sprayer, prime the entire concrete surface to be waterproofed, with a single coat, at a coverage rate of 100-150 ft./gal. Allow the primer to dry, which is approximately 1 - 2 hours, depending on jobsite conditions (temperature, humidity, air flow, etc.). As the primer is allowed to warm by exposure to sunlight, the surface of the concrete will de-gas, helping to eliminate problems with blistering of the membrane.

After surface preparations are finished, detailing should be completed. The recommended membrane thickness is 120 mils (3.04 mm) wet for inside and outside corners, non-moving cracks, and hairline cracks, as well as around drains and penetrations.

Roller Application MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) can be applied directly from the container using a u00beu0094 nap roller. Apply in multiple coats, each at a 40 mils (1.02 mm) wet thickness. Allow the previous coat to reach initial set prior to application of the next coat, which is approximately one (1) hour, depending on jobsite conditions (temperature, humidity, airflow, etc.).

Sprayer Application NOTE: MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 60 degrees F (15 degrees C) WHEN SPRAYING. Material will become very thick and difficult to spray at lower temperatures. MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) must be stored in a heated trailer and/or passed through a heat exchanger for successful spraying.

Equipment MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) is most effectively and efficiently applied by using either the Graco HydraMax 350 or the Graco GH833 Big Rig sprayer.

The Graco heavy-duty texture gun, with the 0.035? (Graco GHD535) heavy-duty switch tip, is recommended for the best results.

For detailed information on the recommended spray equipment, use, and cleanup, please refer to the W. R. MEADOWS sprayer equipment guide available on the building envelope page of and the softbound catalog.

MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) can be sprayed on vertical surfaces at a minimum coverage thickness of 80 mils (2.03 mm) wet [45 mils (1.14 mm) dry]. The recommended coating thickness can be achieved in a single coat; however, if product slumps due to temperature or substrate conditions, two coats [each at 40 mils (1.02 mm) wet] may be necessary. Apply the second coat after the first coat has dried, which is approximately one (1) hour, depending on jobsite conditions (temperature, humidity, airflow, etc.).

Thickness Control Frequently inspect surface with a wet mil gauge to ensure the recommended thickness is achieved, and that the thickness is consistent. Porous substrates or masonry block walls may require additional coats to obtain the recommended thickness.

Approximately 17-20 ft./gal. at 80 mils (2.03 mm) wet [45 mils (1.14 mm) dry]. Coverage dependant on substrate type, weather, and application conditions.

Material should not be left in the pump, lines, or gun when finished spraying. Aromatic solvents such as xylene and toluene should be flushed through the sprayer until the pump and hose run clear.
CAUTION: A final flush of the spraying equipment, with water, must be completed to remove any traces of solvent prior to spraying a water-based product. The presence of any residual solvent will cause the water-based product to solidify and clog the pump and hose.

Allow membrane to cure a minimum of 48 hours prior to application of a protection course. Membrane should be covered within 30 days after application. Cover with PROTECTION COURSE, MEL-DRAIN or 10 mil PERMINATOR from W. R. MEADOWS. A primer coat of POINTING MASTIC from W. R. MEADOWS can be used to secure the protection to the wall.
NOTE: Polystyrene insulation boards can be applied only if the membrane has thoroughly cured a minimum of 72 hours and all traces of residual solvent have evaporated. Failure to allow the 72-hour cure time, and complete solvent evaporation, may degrade the boards.

Allow membrane to cure 48 hours prior to backfilling.

Twelve (12) months in original, unopened container. Store at 40-90 degrees F (4-32 degrees C)

For exterior use only. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not apply MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) if rainfall is forecast or imminent within two hours of application. Do not apply to ICFs. Sprayed urethane foams should not be applied over MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON). These foams can melt the membrane and cause delamination and failure due to the exothermic reaction that takes place after application. A complete drain tile system should be placed around the exterior of footing and under slabs, as required. The use of MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) does not negate the need for relief of hydrostatic heads.

FOR EXTERIOR USE ONLY. AVOID IGNITION SOURCES. AVOID PROLONGED BREATHING OF VAPORS. Use proper personal protective equipment, including chemical resistant gloves and eye and respiratory protection. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Should adverse effects occur, remove subject from area immediately. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete health and safety information. Flash point is 10 degree F.

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