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DECRA-SEAL is a non-yellowing, acrylic-based, high solids, liquid curing and sealing compound for decorative concrete. The product is clear, transparent and easy to apply. DECRA-SEAL also offers improved resistance to water, alkalis, mild acids, and petroleum spirits. The product has been formulated to seal and protect decorative colored concrete by producing a hard yet flexible, clear film. This product is specifically formulated for the decorative concrete market.

DECRA-SEAL is designed for various applications, including exterior concrete surfaces, driveways, patios, swimming pool areas, exposed aggregate, as well as any exterior surface where protection and sealing of concrete is desired. The use of DECRA-SEAL on any exterior concrete surface provides a durable, long-lasting, high-sheen finish that offers improved resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, deicing salts, and abrasions.

Seals all concrete surfaces, providing a glossy, long-lasting appearance and easier cleanup.
Provides a totally clear membrane that will not yellow, for new or existing concrete.
Dustproofs concrete with a tough, durable film.
Helps minimize spalling of exterior concrete.
Provides good blush resistance in damp areas.
Applies easily u0085 dries to the touch in 30 u0096 60 minutes.
Provides a clear, tough film that improves abrasion and stain resistance.
Offers improved resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, most acids and industrial chemicals, oil, grease, deicing salts, cleaning agents (except aromatic solvents), caustics, airborne soot, dust, and other pollutants.
Seals and enhances the beauty of many concrete surfaces for years.
Can be recoated after thorough surface cleaning to restore original beauty.
VOC compliant u0085 VOC content is <700 g/L.

1 Gallon (3.79 L) Cans (6 per carton)
5 Gallon (18.93 L) Pails

ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B
ASTM C 1315, Type 1, Class A
AASHTO M 148, Type 1, Class A & B
U.S. EPA AIM Regulation 40CFR Part 59 u0096 700 g/L maximum VOC

300 u0096 600 ft.u00b2/gal. (7.37 u0096 14.73 mu00b2/L)
*Coverage may vary due to porosity and condition of the concrete.

The following results were obtained under laboratory conditions:
Drying Time @ 73u00ba F, 50% RH1-2 hours***
Re-coat2-24 hours
Foot Traffic4-6 hours
Wheel Traffic6-12 hours
VOC Content679 g/L
Adhesion to ConcreteExcellent
Ultraviolet light (UV) degradation
ASTM C 1315, 8.86
Ultraviolet Resistance
Chalk Resistance
Check/Peel Resistance
No chalking
No deterioration
Alkali ResistanceExcellent
**All technical data is typical information, but may vary due to test methods, conditions and operators.
*** Low concrete or air temperatures and/or high relative humidity will extend drying times.

Surface Preparation u0085Existing (Old) Concrete: Concrete surface must be clean and dry with all stains, oil, grease, form release agents, dust, and dirt removed prior to application. ULTRITEu00ae DEGREASER from W. R. MEADOWS is recommended for cleaning. New Concrete: DECRA-SEAL should be applied when surface water has completely disappeared and the concrete surface will not be marred by walking workmen. New Stamped Concrete: Surface must be clean and free from all powdered release agent residue.
Application Method u0085 Sprayer Application: Use a low pressure, high solids commercial-grade sprayer with Viton-equipped fittings. (Do not use garden sprayers or form oil sprayers.) The sprayer must be clean and dry prior to application. Follow the instructions provided by the sprayer manufacturer. W. R. MEADOWS recommends the Chapin Xtreme industrial sprayer model #19049 fitted with either the 5941 (0.5 gpm) or the 5943 (1.0 gpm) nozzle. Always apply a test area prior to full application using proper spray techniques and coverage rates. If spraying and back rolling, the optimum results are achieved if a second person can immediately back roll, following behind the spray applicator. Follow roller instructions below. Do not delay the back roll, as the area will dry quickly. If puddles occur, immediately brush or roll them out.
Roller Application: Use a short-nap (1/4? is ideal) mohair roller.
To ensure proper film formation, the following steps should be followed carefully.
u0095 Maintain a wet edge while applying.
u0095 Do not apply thick films.
u0095 Do not roll or brush excessively, as this will cause the film to become stringy.
u0095 Do not roll or brush once material becomes tacky.
u0095 Do not roll over dried material.
u0095 Do not allow roller to become dry.
Note: Over-rolling or using incorrect rollers may cause bubbles to form in the film. If this occurs, a light application of xylene, rolled over the film, should eliminate the problem.
For optimum performance, apply first coat at 600 ft.u00b2/gal. After the first coat has thoroughly dried, apply a second coat at 600 ft.u00b2/gal. NOTE: The second coat should be applied at a right angle.
Drying Timeu0085DECRA-SEAL dries quickly. Drying times may be extended, depending on application rate, temperature, humidity, and project conditions. Restrict foot traffic for at least four hours. Twelve hours is preferred.
Cleanupu0085 Application equipment should be cleaned promptly after use with xylene or toluene.

DO NOT DILUTE. FOR EXTERIOR APPLICATION ONLY. Direct sunlight, combined with high temperatures, may cause rapid evaporation that will not allow the film to form properly. Under these conditions, the film may peel, bubble and/or turn white (blush). DECRA-SEAL should not be applied to concrete exposed to excessive moisture. Entrapped moisture in a solvent-based sealer may cause the film to peel and/or turn white (blush).
Do not apply DECRA-SEAL if the temperature of the concrete or air is below 40u00b0 F (4u00b0 C). DECRA-SEAL is designed for colored concrete, but mottling may occur. Do not use on dense or non-porous surfaces, i.e. brick, stone, etc.
Concrete containing calcium chloride will remain dark longer when treated with DECRA-SEAL. The specifier and user shall determine the suitability of product for specific applications and assume all responsibility in connection therewith.
DECRA-SEAL is a membrane-forming sealer. All membrane-forming sealers may darken concrete or magnify imperfections caused by variations in the porosity and/or finishing of the concrete.

Avoid direct contact with this product, as it may cause irritation of the eyes and/or skin. Inhalation of vapors may result in transient central nervous system depression. DECRA-SEAL is combustible. (Flash point: 105u00b0 F.) DECRA-SEAL should not be utilized in locations where food items are present. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information.

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